The 502 Project bridges the gap between interested students and the professional cybersecurity community by creating a persistent online platform that fosters mentorship, academic advising, and participation in centralized events – providing a social infrastructure for cybersecurity workforce development. Through centralized virtual events, interconnected event support, and ongoing challenges, the project works to make the cybersecurity workforce more accessible, more inclusive, and more broadly participatory. Recruiting students and subject matter experts via existing local and regional cybersecurity awareness events, the 502 Project operates as community grounded career pathway, while providing employers the ability to target specific forms of talent. Partner institutions will leverage the 502 platform to enhance their existing cybersecurity education offerings, ultimately building a more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity workforce pipeline.

The 502 Project is specifically intended to highlight and extend cybersecurity education efforts at partnering universities and state colleges, expanding the reach and scale of locally developed curricula, maintaining connections between faculty and students, and providing access to centralized events and curricula resources.

NICE 2023 and 502 Project

June 6, 2023|Comments Off on NICE 2023 and 502 Project

If you were at Nate Fisk's NICE 2023 talk, join our Challenge Engine Demo server to learn more about the project and meet the team!

502 Subaward RFP for 2023

October 24, 2022|Comments Off on 502 Subaward RFP for 2023

Following our successful pilot year, the 502 Project is planning a rapid expansion in 2023 through a sub award program aimed at universities and state colleges throughout the SE Region. Additional information about the sub [...]

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The 502 Project uses CLARK, the Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledge-base, as a platform for building and sharing free cybersecurity curricula.